5 Ways The Cloud is Changing How The Corporate World Does Business

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The world of information and data continues to grow and as it does, the cloud is there beside it. Noone, is more appreciative than the corporate world.

So why is it changing the world we live in?

Upgrades made simple…

We all know, that time when software is due for an update, it can be a daunting task for any size business. Imagine if you’re a massive corporate.

However, because cloud providers such as ourselves look after every aspect of cloud computing, no business, including the corporate ones have to worry about making sure they keep track of the updates and when they are due.

We take care of all updates and all upgrades. Meaning that businesses, like yours, can get on with their job, their working day doesn’t have to stop whilst the updates take place…

Lower operational costs

The cloud saves your business money in two ways; IT staffing and equipment costs.

Cloud providers such as ourselves take care of everything, all of the maintenance and the system updates, so it means the corporate players can cut their IT budgets in half, at least. We’re not saying to you that Cloud Computing services don’t cost money, they do – but it’s a fraction.

Equally, because of all the equipment, i.e servers are off-site, every business will save money, but corporates will see the bigger cost savings by avoiding costly upgrades / upkeep.


With corporate companies comes massive amounts of data. Another reason why the cloud is so beneficial. The cloud is extremely scalable, which is essential for the changing data storage needs of the corporate world.

What happended before we had the Cloud? Well businesses had to waste time, as well as money upgrading servers and expanding their storage needs.

Using Cloud providers such as ourselves, increasing / decreasing storage is easy as all you have to do is contact us. The best part is the change, it’s often instant.

Work anywhere, at anytime on any device

The cloud is an everywhere platform, it gives any business, unparalleled mobility particularly in the corporate world.

The cloud makes working from anywhere, at anytime on any device possible. Whether that means employees want to work from home or share files with colleagues around the world.

Another bonus is the cloud helps keep the corporate world on the same page, all the time – how? Files, data, and documents are kept in a central storage location, so can be accessed at any time, anywhere, again on any device.

Storage Security

Keeping your data off-site is the thing most businesses shy away from the cloud is mentioned, however the cloud is one of the most secure forms of data storage available.

Why? Information is is stored in the cloud and not the actual device itself and because of this business data is always secure and accessible, even in the event of theft.

We understand that the cloud is easily accessible, however providers take extra measures to protect stored data by only granting access to users, how? With encrypted passwords.

Also, providers also use the most up-to-date security monitoring software to ensure security breaches don’t happen.

When it comes to the cloud and cloud computing in the corporate world, it plays a giant role. Have you integrated the cloud into your company’s plans?

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Cloud Backup – The smarter way to protect your data

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Data Back Up.  Two of the most important words in business, not only from your point of view, but from your clients.

Is my data backed up?  How is my data being backed up?  How often is it being backed up?  Are some of the questions you should have, or should be asking yourself?  Picture the scenario, you’re computer has crashed – Would you be able to access the notes you need for the client meeting in an hour, how about all the material you’d prepared for that meeting?  Your business is running on data that you’ve stored on your computer, but what are you doing to protect?

You’re not the only one who may not be protecting their informational assets as they should.

Did you know..?

A massive 92% of adult computer users do not do regular backups.

It could only be a matter of time before your business has a disastrous data loss incident and if you’re one of the 92%, what effect could that have on your business?

Luckily there is a solution, backing up your data is easier than ever with the Cloud.

Cloud Security

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup is one of the services through which cloud computing resources and infrastructure is used to create, edit, manage and restore data, services or application backup.

How does it store my data?

Well, Cloud backup works when a cloud backup provider (Cloud Shepherd) assigns cloud storage that is available globally over the Internet.

Cloud backup storage can be used to virtually store and back up all types of data and / or applications.  I bet you’re asking your asking yourself why is Cloud backup different to the old technologies, well it is highly flexible and scalable.

Who organises Cloud backup for my business?

Cloud backup is a managed service where the entire infrastructure and supporting services are managed completely by the vendor – in this case, Cloud Shepherd.  Besides only being data backup, cloud backup is actually combined with disaster recovery solutions.

What will my business achieve by using Cloud back up?

For starters, your data is stored off site and is copied to servers in different locations, so if one goes down; your data can be retrieved from elsewhere on the backup network.

Your data is in safe hands.  Your data is encrypted by the backup service’s software program on your computer before it is sent to the cloud, so “cyber thieves” on the Internet can’t intercept it.

Before your data is sent the Cloud, the backup service software detects any virus or infection. If, for example, a virus is found, that particular file is flagged by the software and not copied to the backup service.  In this case, you will be notified that the “bad” file has not been deleted from your computer, so you won’t lose any data; however that particular file would not have been backed up online.

Hopefully Cloud backup is sounding clearer and the above information has helped you understand more about the Service. If you’d like to know more, why not reach out to us on 0800 368 7373, where we can organise a catch up and grab a coffee.