If it’s not broken, why fix it?

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It’s our mission to change the way business owners think with regards to the technology. Our company was born from a desire to help small and mid size businesses. We want to help them to deliver more using the technology that’s available.

So many business owners stick with the technology they have due to the professional relationships they have built with their suppliers, the price and we’ve heard it many times ourselves, the thought of it’s not broken, why fix it?

Well, you may want to ask yourself, what impact is that mind-set having on your business?

What about the question, is your IT improving your business and helping it grow?

You may want to consider the impact your current technology is having on the environment?

Are you saving time and money?

That’s why here at Cloud Shepherd, we’re offering a complimentary review of the technology you use, the IT processes you have in place, where your IT is currently taking your business and where it should be headed!

The idea of the review is to allow you to look at your business from the outside in, specifically your technology. We help our customers grow by focusing on their core strengths knowing they are underpinned by reliable effective and fully managed technology systems.

For more information you can speak with us on 0800 368 7373 or email chantall.herbert@cloudshepherd.co.uk. Whether you have a specific direction or project in mind, or, you just want a coffee and a chat about the things you do and how moving to cloud computing can improve your business then get in touch.


Get ahead of the game with IT efficiency


The world of technology evolves every day, with a gadget for every possible need you may have in your day to day life. With so much technology available at the touch of a button – it’s tricky to know what you actually need for your business. If as a business owner you are looking to get the best from your IT and whilst doing that transform your business results, then a less is more attitude could be the right approach for you.

Scalability, flexibility, productivity and efficiency is the key to the success of any business and to keep ahead, the above must be present and working a 100% to respond to customer needs in real time.

The IT systems / processes you choose to implement are fundamental to the business achieving its goals. The high costs of operation remain an issue for businesses and so opting for a more efficient server could save you space and money, as well as reducing your environmental footprint.

IT environments are being restructured every day by the cloud, mobile and big data. If you don’t get things right, you won’t be moving forward and as a result of this you’ll be left behind. Does that make sense? If it does, then your business must put time aside to improving its service offering and that can be complicated.

We see it so many times; it happens far too often, a businesses limited IT resources is tied up in day-to-day maintenance, due to time-consuming and complex deployment and management tasks. Unfortunately, this exhausts your resources, in terms of both budget and employees and because of this the development, creation and implementation of more innovative and effective IT services, is compromised. If you decide to choose a server that automates and simplifies routine IT tasks, you can then focus on the perfect way to optimise your IT solutions and move your business forward.

We understand that IT may seem like a complicated code for you to crack, however it’s simple with the right systems in place and advice on hand. IT should be agile, scalable and reliable and with cost effective server networks will undoubtedly put your business in a stronger position, back in the game and strides ahead in your industry. So less really is more, when it comes to a simplified network – you can gain competitive advantage with a network that’s built to go the distance.

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