Migrate or refresh existing systems to hybrid or total cloud

For those with in-house skill or looking for hybrid and self owned platforms we provide cloud building services working from boutique data centre offerings through UK based key players to globally relevant public cloud providers.

Move to the Cloud

The benefits of moving towards cloud solutions - whether hybrid or fully cloud - are many. These benefits include: Elasticity, scalability, resilience and cost.

At Cloud Shepherd, we have unparalleled vision in finding the most innovative and appropriate route for our clients.

We focus on the utility cloud model, with pay as you grow principles in place. We can offer a range of services based around piecemeal or wholesale migration of some, or all, of your in-house on premises IT infrastructure and services.

Consultancy and Migration Services

Our consultancy services allow customers to leverage our experience and knowledge to set direction, roadmap change and plan migration to the cloud.

There are lots of cloud providers and services in this ever-expanding market place. Our consultancy services highlight the benefits and potential negatives of placing resources in a variety of different directions, allowing you to home in on the most appropriate solution for your business.

At Cloud Shepherd we have a wide range of skillsets and experiences from email only migrations, up to complete IT services change management into the cloud. We can work on short-term work pieces, or long-term projects, to deliver well architectured and managed cloud solutions that fit your specific requirements.

Management and Support

We can provide on-going platform and systems management services, as well as support. We can provide this to in-house teams and to end-users. Our management and support services can be in private cloud scenarios, boutique and larger UK based data centres - and in globally relevant Public cloud providers.

Want to chat about our cloud building services? We’d love to talk, we’ll find out a bit more about your business, and tell you a little bit more about what we can do for you.