Fully managed IT delivered by virtual desktop. Flexible. Scalable.

At Cloud Shepherd we help to streamline and rationalise your IT systems, by delivering them from “the cloud”. You and your team work anywhere, on any device, at any time.

The Virtual Desktop

Cloud Shepherd Virtual Desktop runs any application on any device, anywhere.

IT as a Service, an interesting concept... Rather than being a white labelled “desktop as a service” offering, the Cloud Shepherd platform is built from the ground up to be agile, secure, scalable and most importantly, flexible.

From provisioning through deployment to end user on-going service, the environment is our own architecture that has been purpose built to deliver the most effective, scalable and efficient virtual desktop platform.


Inside of the managed desktop environment, we can support all of your applications. In addition to our “per user” billing for standard software suites (such as Microsoft Office, email and anti virus), we can deploy your custom apps on to the managed desktop, to provide a single environment.

Our application and other workload servers that deliver software and data are built with resilience and disaster recovery in mind - with fallback and replication services.

All of our software capabilities are carried out on a totally secure platform.


Cloud managed desktop is available on any device, bringing true diversity and mobility to the modern organisation.

This allows for mix and match of aged and modern IT estates. The implementation of thin client devices, and mobile devices, can allow businesses to foster a “bring your own device” (BYOD) strategy.

This deliverd multi-device access for all users to include their offices, their mobile devices and their home computers.