Managed Networks

Technology is now network centric

Looking for managed network solutions? You’ve found us. We don’t do generic – all of our networks are completely bespoke, designed to your exact specifications.


We build and maintain fully managed local area networks, wired and wireless. Our networks are adaptable, scalable, reliable and fast.

Our local networks are built with a single cloud-based management point. This feature reduces ongoing costs associated with maintaining your local network as our remote engineers can tend to issues quickly. Our local networks are cost effective and super reliable.


Our wide networks bring people and systems together from an array of geographical locations.

Working with the UK's best providers, we deliver secure, resilient and cost efficient networks. Fibre or copper, leased, DSL, mobile or other we combine the most appropriate network delivery based on your requirements and budget.

For clients with cloud based infrastructures, we provide interconnects to public and private cloud services, to deliver maximum security and diversity at the highest speed.


We do great things with Wifi.

We provide fully managed Wifi solutions from the cloud - we deliver secure, robust and compliant wireless networks. Our networks can span single to multi site and campus.

What's really good about our Wifi is that it doesn’t stop at the network. We create user authentication and engagement points to make the most of the network. We make free Wifi pay for itself with guest engagement, walled gardens and enrolment pages - allowing you to maximise the benefit of delivering wireless to your customers and clients.

Whether you run a hotel, a facility, a restaurant or any other business, we have the ability to design and implement a WiFi solution that works for you. Get in touch.