Social Business

Create your very own online water cooler

We modernise communications through consultancy, design and implementation of social business systems.

Email is archaic. You heard it here first.

Amazingly, social media is still underused and undervalued by businesses. Evolving technology is great, but it means that businesses must re-address the way in which employees communicate.

At Cloud Shepherd we’re ushering in a new era of communication for businesses – making it easy to break down boundaries and improve communication across every facet of your business. We can help you to incorporate a bespoke social network into your business, for your employees to use on a day-to-day basis.

The possibilities are endless, with the adoption of a social approach to a business’ communication. It goes against the grain, but it sure is practical.

Let everyone be heard

The systems and frameworks we install don’t just offer a way to communicate, they can also be used to distribute and exchange documents and files within your business. It’s easy to articulate information about the latest projects and initiatives, for everyone to see.

At Cloud Shepherd we will help you to define a social communication strategy for your business. We will work closely alongside you to identify the best platform for your specific requirements, then we will assist with the project management and implementation of the social platform to ensure a seamless integration is achieved.

Be social and talk to us now about the social platforms we can install for your business. Communication is the key to success.