Software Integration

Cloud or Server we provide, migrate it and join it all up

Migrating to new software and need your data?

Selecting software to drive change and growth?

Want to integrate multiple products?

Cloud Software

Traditional software is changing.

The software market has moved on from a “buy it on a disk” to a “rent it in the cloud” model. This new model frees businesses from the hassle and expense of procurement, rollout, and maintenance. There are no updates to carry out, and the benefits of change and enhancement are there for everyone to witness.

It reduces the complexity of managing internal delivery platforms, the workload is carried out by the “software as a service” provider in a centrally maintained, multitenant platform with a single, common infrastructure and code base.

By delivering business software over the Internet, you save money - you only pay to use the software, instead of purchasing it outright.

And the real fun...

…Software as a service products are built with integration in mind.

An API (application programming interface) underpins most web software products. APIs allow the sharing and interaction of data assets between single and multiple integrated software systems.

At Cloud Shepherd we join everything up.

You specify what you need - generally starting at a CRM or Service suite – then we help you design the systems and incorporate them into the business. We’ll join them up, either with existing integration pieces or with custom API development, built by us.

We write data extraction scripts and we’ll carefully project manage for you, to ensure the process is seamless from start to finish. There’s no excuse to delay software migration and integration any longer.

We’d love to discuss your software integration requirements in more detail, get in touch and we’ll be glad to tell you a little bit more about how we can help you.