As a direct replacement in some aspects, voice over cloud telephony makes communication between suppliers and customers, as well as communication between staff, far more flexible than any other form of telephony.

If your business is currently running on a digital setup, such as analogue or iSDN, you’re probably noticing that home working isn’t really an option, unless you have decided to use publicly available resources like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Voice over cloud telephony can be tailored to your business in a way that makes expansion easy, and communication with your customers a pleasure, rather than a daunting task.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about how voice over cloud telephony works, whether it is reliable, or the new norm of telephone communication. Let’s get started on them:

Voice over cloud is expensive to set up

Fortunately, this isn’t the case. What most businesses don’t realise is that voice over the cloud doesn’t cost you, or at least it won’t cost more than what you’re paying right now. Switching to this kind of telephony means you’ll be making and receiving calls via the internet, instead of through the PSTN (Public switched telephone network), so calls to the majority of numbers generally incur no cost.

Voice over cloud doesn’t need a physical system, so no need to worry about paying to have an engineer set this up for you. In fact, you will never see the hosted system, as it is in a secure location, where your users, calling features and updates are stored. The cost of calling only comes in the handsets you are provided, which don’t need to be actual desk phones, you have the option of calling via a dedicated mobile application, or through an IP phone – The latter of the two would require a wired connection with a physical router or fixed power supply, such as a computer.

Voice over cloud is just the same as my current setup

Voice over cloud is far better, in fact, it is so much better that communication can be made through many different resources. Calling over cloud can be done from the desk phone, from your mobile, from your PC/laptop, even from your iPad/tablet! The main benefit besides the cost different for companies is the flexibility. Many telephone lines still in use are fixed, and often leave users engaged if all of the telephone lines are in use, this can be a problem for businesses wanting to scale up. For voice over cloud, scaling up is simple, and doesn’t require any installations on premise, simply contact you provider, add your new user and you’re good to go.
Cloud voice based systems can easily integrate with other desktop and mobile applications, to allow for a seamless experience for all of your staff. Think of features like call recordings and video calling capabilities – This is far better than what you’ll get on most other types of telephone system.

The call quality is bad when using voice over cloud

This is a common misconception in the sense that calls over the internet are generally better than calls through your traditional copper wiring. The only reason your VoIP calls might be of a low quality is because your business or premise isn’t equipped with a reasonable bandwidth speed, or your internet connection is very poor. 99% of companies nowadays set up their premises with reliable enough broadband anyway, so voice over cloud will almost certainly deliver the same, if not better quality of calls than through copper wiring. You might find there is less delay and less crackle on the line as a result of switching to voice over cloud.
Voice over cloud should work just as well for remote working purposes, as the vast majority of households have access to acceptable enough boradband speeds to make VoIP calls possible without the risk of your sound quality being poor.

Voice over cloud is only for big companies

Not true! Voice over cloud can be tailored to the budget of any size of company, whether your communication needs are simple or complex, you’ll be able to receive a solution that works best for your business, regardless of whether you wish to work from the office or stick to remote working. Integration of desktop applications make it possible to bring every collaborative feature you require into one place, allowing you to benefit from modern features such as video conferencing, call recording, music on hold, to name a few…
If you need a tailored solution for your business communications while working from home, choose a voice over cloud setup.
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